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I will admit that when I am scanning the book stores shelves or the book listings on the online book store sites, I will at times, judge a book by its cover. I don't necessarily buy the book that catches my eye, but I am more likely to take a second look at it and read the synopsis, etc.


Readers: do you judge a book by its cover? Please explain why or why not?


Authors: do you feel that book cover design can affect the saleability of your books and do you believe that readers pay a lot of attention too and/or judge a book by its cover? Please explain why or why not?


We are sharing ideas and opinions openly; everyone is entitled to theirs so please be respectful and courteous.


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It is of utmost importance that the book cover is eye-popping and striking in nature. It should smack of quality, via design and art, and should also coincide with the script awaiting within. The book cover is the first thing one sees and actually reads from the book; it is the first impression. How many chances does one have to make a good first impression? Moreover, the book cover is part of the author's "fingerprint," much as the contents within.

Case in point: I was perusing my local bookstore one day, when a book literally leaped out at me. The cover was eye-catching and practically had me begging to read the story. That book was Comes a Horseman, by Robert Liparulo. I had never heard of the author before, but due to the cover that initially captured my attention, I purchased the book, and Robert Liparulo is one of my favorite authors to this day. His book was the first book that had ever captivated me the manner in which it did. It served to inspire me in my writing endeavors, and he has since gained another fan.

Teric Darken
I have to agree with you Amanda I don't like people on the cover I like to use my imagination.
I used to judge a book by its cover but now that we have moved into a more digital age with so many small presses making covers, there has been an increase in bland covers. I try not to judge a book by its cover, especially since I've started doing reviews, because a book that I may not normally pick up because of the cover may be the best story I have read this year.

From an author's standpoint, I don't have much experience with covers since I have only recently had a story of mine accepted for publication and I had no say in the cover, but if I am ever to release a book of my own, I will make the cover as appealing as possible. Not only for those readers who judge covers but because I am super picky and want my book to look its best ;)
I alsways look at the cover frist. And when i like it, then I read the blurb in the back.
I definatly think it is HUGE! Visual stimulation is key
golden arches Nike swoosh ANY success
Had a visual impact and for myself personally
I made my book cover especially for that reason
It will be in people's minds even if they never read the book
Bobbie am I right?
I must be honest about this question. If I see a book from an author that I do not know and the cover catches my eye then I am going to pick it up and see what it is about. If then the part of the synopsis is equally catchy then I will go ahead and either buy, or go to the library and see if they have it. I know that isn't the best way to do it, but what else to I have to go on when it's not an author that I have never read before.


Judging a book by it's cover for me is a two-fold process. Depending on the era and genre of the book, the cover may be lack-luster or quite bold. Of course a well done cover will garner my attention but if the introduction does not entice me to read deeper, then the cover means nothing. So, yes, in the sense the cover "catches my eye", but no, if there is no depth, stirring of my senses or promise of a great story in the synopsis.

I've recently noticed when I peruse books for purchase, I also pay close attention to the page numbers. I find due to the mood I'm in, the page numbers represent whether I want to be fully engrossed in a long saga or if I want a quick respite from whatever the moments my life may be consumed with. This doesn't mean I will ignore a short read but I may skip it to be swept away for a much longer escape by purchasing an epic. Other times it will be quite the reverse. Either way, I must be drawn by the storyline to feel satisfied whatever the length! Remember, there must be something to "pull me in" toward the book first, and most times it's either a "word" or "picture" on the cover which grasps my attention!


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