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In your opinion, should authors automatically offer eBook formats of their books for sale? Aren't eBooks essential in this day in age?

We know that most readers like to have options and eBooks, because there are no page limits, can include extra/bonus content that would be prohibitively expensive in print versions of the same book.

What are the benefits of eBook publishing?

What are the drawbacks of eBook publishing?





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In this day and age, it's become essential for an author to be published in multiple formats. I held back at first since I write YA and wasn't sure if kids used iPad or Kindle. After the hottest selling item at Christmas 2010 were e-book readers for kids, I convert.

The downside is I haven't been able to convince my publisher to convert book 1 of the series, but I'm doing the rest so there will be paperback and Kindle versions.
I think that authors need to offer an e-version of their book. Many people now have the ability to read a book electronically and since we live in the "now" generation - we want our books NOW :) Nothing like electronic download....
A lot of interesting and relevant discussion on this thread. This is a favorite topic of mine and in fact I write a monthly column for called Brave New Publishing World where I talk about developments in the changing publishing industry. Here are some relevant posts people might find helpful:

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I hope the content is helpful!
I think all formats should be offered of a book. I also beleive in time as the older generations who are not technically inclined pass on, the electronic format will continue to get stronger. I for one read a lot of ebooks, but i also read print versions of books. I do not want print to disappear, but I think it is destined to decrease. Shirley
Alot of the "older" generation that I know have bad arthritis and LOVE their nooks and kindles. Don't assume that the older generations aren't interested in the electronic format.
I never thought I would own an ereader but I now have three. I love them and find myself reading ebooks more than print. I tend to read faster with an ebook.

As a reader I have gotten a freebie only to go and buy the rest of the authors books so I think ebook freebies are good.

Just my two cents. :)
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