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Tell us all a little about who you are and what you do.

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Hi Bobbie!

What a great new site. It is sure to be a huge success!

You were such a help in getting the word out to my fellow Canadians about my book and any success that I have had is, in large part, because of you and others on the internet like you. I am presently working on my second novel, where twenty years later (1828), I will be revisiting a few of the characters from The Kitchen House. I am knee deep in research and I find it so exciting. It is almost like being on a scavenger hunt. When I see something that makes me gasp, I know that one of my characters is going to use it to tell their story. What that story is...they have yet to tell me.

I am so pleased to be one of the first to wish you the best of luck with this forum.

Kathleen Grissom
Hi Kathleen,

Why thank you --- I do hope so! :-)

I can't wait to hear more about your second novel. Do you have a deadline for the publication of the second novel? I would love to be a beta reader for you when you have a copy of the completed manuscript.

Thanks again for joining us and I look forward to your valuable input on our NING site.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

All My Best,
I am thrilled to be here!
Hi ladies! And thanks for inviting me, Bobbie!

I have just had a book released (my first) and it is daunting! But knowing Bobbie and knowing about all the services she provides has calmed me down a bit!

My novel is gothic romance as you've never known it to be!
THE HOUSE ON BLACKSTONE MOOR, On sale at smashwords it's very dark and is at the top of the new horror releases!

merry pre Christmas!
Hi Carole,

We're so happy to have you here and you are most welcome for the invitation.

A debut novel is such a beautiful thing and I am so happy that you've enlisted our help; we are more than happy to give it. We always endeavour to make the promotion process successfully-smooth and relatively painless.

The House on Blackstone Moor sounds exciting and priced at just $4.99 for the eBook, how can you go wrong?

A Merry pre-Christmas to you too!
thank you! hope so!

I am very hopeful, fingers crossed!

thank you for your good wishes, Bobbie!
I'm a Las Vegas casino employee who loves good books and movies. I have a strong interest in Eastern philosophy as well as the martial arts and Japanese sword-fighting. I just had a short, short story published in Festive Fear: Global Edition with co-author, Ellen Shaw, and I have another Christmas story due out from Morpheus Tales in 2011. I have several horror novellas and short stories up on Amazon's Kindle, and I'm presently working on a movie script based on my crime-noir novella, Dolan. I now seem to spend most of my free time writing and feel guilty when I'm not at the computer.
Wow, that's sounds so exciting to me! my life is so dull next to yours! Happy Holidays all!
Welcome, Wayne.
Good Morning -
I am a writer, poet, author and editor. Most important to those who write poetry, I am now asking for submissions for a series Poetry Is Life. It is a 15 book series, with 15 poets - each having their own book. The series consists of Poetry Is Life, and 30 - 35 pages as an initial review can be sent to me at
This is an ongoing series - and my plan is to review poetry every two months, and then work with two poets one on one while another submission may be sent during the following two month period. If you would like to know more about this series - contact me at and also - note - upcoming conference call, free - will be announced soon, so please keep informed at my author page. Any interested people will also receive a notice through email if you are not on face book. Sincerely, Nancy Editor - Poetry Is Life DysteniumLLC Note, there is no cost to you, this is a publishing company who believes in your work, when excepted into the series. You will never be asked for any money.
Thanks for joining us, Nancy. Welcome.
Hi all!

Well, my name is Sonia. I write under the penname S.M. Carrière. It's nothing special or secret, just my first two initials and my surname.

By day I'm a receptionist at a law firm. I've written seven books thus far with another two on the way. All of them are fantasy, as I'm a huge geek. My novels I would like to have published traditionally, but I do have a self-published eBook entitled 'The Dying God & Other Stories.' It's a short story anthology with a few illustration and poems as well.

My hobbies include: martial arts, archery, horseriding, reading and writing (of course), and drawing.

I look forward to meeting you all!

P.S. - You have a great site here, Bobbie.
Hi S.M.,

Thank so glad that you joined us here.


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